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May 15, 2020

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Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Getting married is the most exciting time of your life, and planning is part of that! But sometimes the planning task is daunting and you spend hours upon hours researching when you could be spending that time with your best friend, the one you are about to marry! Theres so many wedding vendors and so many questions, so I’m bringing some of the best in the industry to you! I’m here to help bring the excitement back with my all new wedding planning series: Meet The Pros. Check out the other Meet the Pros blog posts.

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Today’s guest post is brought to you by Elevate Cake

I’m probably biased, but I think the most enjoyable part of planning a wedding is the cake tasting! Wedding talk plus eating cake-what’s not to love?! Your wedding cake should represent you, as a couple, and portray your style. It should be the centerpiece of the dessert table and give your guests something to talk about-not just when they see it, but when they taste it, too. My goal is to make every cake memorable, and if it’s anything like my sister’s wedding cake (which I made back in 2004), people will still be talking about how good it was years later! So, what should you do to prepare for a cake tasting and what should you expect once you

As a cake designer, it is a chance for me to get to know my couples. This time together is as much of a consultation as it is a tasting. I get to talk with you, get a feel for your style, and look at inspiration pictures together. So, in order to prepare, I always ask my brides to come with photos. Pinterest boards are especially helpful for me when designing a cake. And when you’re pinning, think outside of cakes. I like to see your vision for the whole wedding: gown style, bouquet choice, venue décor, flowers, color palettes, etc. If you are wanting a custom cake, please come with an open mind. I often can use 2-3 inspiration pictures, pulling elements that you like from each photo, to create a custom cake just for you. However, if you are wanting a recreation of a cake you found a photo of, that works too. Just make sure to communicate your wishes to your cake maker.

If you book a tasting with me, please plan on meeting anywhere between 30-60 minutes. We will start with collecting all the info I would need if you end up booking with me. Please come prepared with the following information:
• Wedding date
• Venue address and phone number for a contact there
• Event planner’s name and number (if you have one)
• Florist’s name and number
• Wedding and reception start times
• Guest count estimate
• Budget for the wedding cake
• Your plans for the cake table/cake stand/cake topper

After I have this information, we’ll move on to look at the photos you brought. We can discuss style and cake sizing at this point. I have several dummy cakes made of styrofoam that we can play with, so you can get an idea of the different sizes of tiered cakes and how many people they serve. I will also provide you with a copy of my terms and conditions. I like to be as transparent as possible: no surprises here!

It is best to come to the tasting having eaten a little beforehand. Just leave room for dessert �� After I have an idea of your vision for the cake, I will provide cake samples and water. Once I bring out the samples, I leave the room to allow you to taste and discuss the samples in private. I provide a pen and notepaper, so you can mark your favorite flavors. Not everyone always agrees, but that’s ok! Each tier of your wedding cake can be a different flavor! While you are tasting, I am usually working on a basic cake sketch and pricing, if possible. Sometimes, I will email you this information later that day and sometimes we can discuss right
after you are done tasting. It just depends on the complexity of the design you are looking for.

After you are done tasting, I sit down with you again to make a note of which flavors you liked best. This is also a great time to ask any questions you might have. Here are some ideas of things you should ask your cake maker:
• How long have you been making cakes?
• Can you show me pictures of actual cakes you have made?
• Do you bake from scratch?
• Do you deliver? What’s the cost of delivery?
• Who sets up the cake?
• How many flavors can we have?
• How big is one serving of cake?
• What is your cancelation policy?
• Discuss any dietary restrictions/allergies
At this point, you can move forward with a booking or take some time to discuss and let me
know in a couple of days. Either way, you should feel comfortable with who you hire and make
sure it’s a good fit for you. Trust and reliability are everything when it comes to your wedding

Due to the stay-at-home order, I haven’t been meeting with my couples in person. This isn’t ideal, but communicating via email or messenger is the next best option. I offer to-go tasting boxes for $25 for couples who are looking to schedule a tasting within the next couple of months. Please contact me to schedule a tasting or order a to-go tasting box at
Creating the perfect cake for your wedding day is the most important part of my job and I take
it very seriously. A successful wedding cake for you means referrals and growth for my small
business. I look forward to helping you create a captivating wedding cake, and in turn, an
unforgettable wedding day!

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