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November 13, 2019

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Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Getting married is the most exciting time of your life, and planning is part of that! But sometimes the planning task is daunting and you spend hours upon hours researching when you could be spending that time with your best friend, the one you are about to marry! Theres so many wedding vendors and so many questions, so I’m bringing some of the best in the industry to you! I’m here to help bring the excitement back with my all new wedding planning series: Meet The Pros.

Tina Marie Hairstyling

Hi, Tina here! I’ve been a hairstylist and bridal specialist for the last ten years! Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot over the years and have picked up on tips and tricks that are helpful for my brides. Picking a hairstylist for your big day can be overwhelming, to say the least. Recommendations, reviews and our portfolios play a huge role in the process. My main focus when dealing with brides is communication and making sure they feel as comfortable with me as possible from the very beginning.

Communication is key, but you also want to make sure the stylist you choose has work similar to the style you’re wanting. If you’re a brunette, look through their styles you like on other brunettes. Trust me on this one! It makes a HUGE difference. Although all styles can be beautiful on any color hair, it’s best to find inspiration photos similar to your color. Chances are, if you have an inspiration photo of a braided updo on a blonde, you won’t be satisfied with your outcome no matter how well the execution. You’ll be comparing apples to oranges. Blondes and highlighted hair show more dimension than an all over color will. Now, no need to run out and get highlights, just a good thought to keep in mind! You also want to choose a hairstyle that compliments you. If you’re used to wearing your hair down all the time, you’re probably not going to feel comfortable in an updo, and vice versa. Another thing to keep in mind when looking for a style is the thickness and fullness. If you have very fine hair (like myself) wanting a big, boho braid, don’t expect magic to happen! We can work some magic, but if the hair isn’t there, we’ll have to find a style that does work for you. However, clip in extensions work wonders and can make your style very attainable. Clip ins are great for added length, thickness and even adding dimension to your hair (buy one shade darker or lighter, the blend will be beautiful and less permanent). In my opinion, the more hair the better!

When it comes to scheduling your trial run, I personally have my brides schedule 2-3 months out from the big day. I also suggest trying to coordinate your hair and make up trial to be on the same day (although not always possible). If it can be on a dress fitting day, bridal shower or girls night out.. even better! That way you get the whole look and can go the rest of the day/night to see how everything holds up. If you have any hair pieces, bring those to the trial as well so your stylist can help you figure out the best placement for them with the style. Veils aren’t necessary, just more of a personal preference for trials. I tell my brides before leaving, this is your chance to nitpick. You may love it at the salon, but as the day goes on you may notice things you realized you don’t like. Too curly, not curly enough, loose in some areas, etc. Be sure to take note of all those things to let your stylist know! Believe me, we’d rather know what to fix and make it perfect for the day of, than have you feeling uneasy and not comfortable enough with us to let us know you’re unhappy. With all that being said and done, wedding day should be smooth sailing!

Hopefully this is helpful to everyone still searching for a stylist or finding the perfect hairstyle. It’s your day and you deserve to feel beautiful! xoxo

Tina Marie Hairstyling


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