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February 2, 2016

I’m Danielle.
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One of the ways we give back to the community is to offer a free newborn session. To be entered to win, nominate yourself or a friend who is deserving of a newborn session.

  1. Like Danielle Bond Photography facebook page and Instagram page(@daniellebond_photography).
  2.  Comment ON THIS BLOG POST.  Tell us your name and due date month or exact date (or friends name with month she’s due).
  3. Tell us why the person you are voting for is deserving.
  4. SHARE this blog post!  On your FB, on Instagram – just get the word out so you get more comments with either you or your friends’ name.
  5.  VOTING CLOSES AT 7pm on FEBRUARY 3rd! Everyone who is nominated and didn’t win will also receive a discount towards their newborn session. Please email danielle@daniellerothphoto.com to get your discount. KL3A8997 logo
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  1. Madeline Dear says:

    We are so very exciting to be welcoming our sweet son, Tripp, this month. As new Colorado residents, we are thrilled to have found Danielle to capture this special time!

  2. Alicia Champlin says:

    Hello there! I am nominating my bundle of joy due to make his arrival mid April sometime. This is my third biological child, fifth child overall, first singleton pregnancy, and first BOY!! My husband and I are both teachers are Brighton High School so professional photos are an extravagance we just can’t swing most of the time. I believe a photo shoot would be an amazing way to document the blending of our family and the introduction of our first son to this world. I love your photography and admire them on your Facebook page. We will be saving up for family photos on the future!

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi! I would like to nominate my little bundle of joy due July 24th! I am a stay at home mom with our daughter and we are so excited to welcome our 2nd little angel! I would love to document our little one as we did with our first! I don’t want our kiddos to think we played favorites by having professional pictures for the first and not the second. One income makes professional pictures tough. Love, love, love them so we will need to find a way 😍

  4. Renea Culp says:

    I am voting for Jennifer Meaney. She is such an amazing person and preschool teacher. She is due the end summer with her first child!! I hope she wins!!!

  5. monique marquez says:

    Recently found out I was pregnant I’m 7weeks only found out due to a fall I’m entering myself in this givieaway only because I would love to have pics like this this would be my third baby and never once had these done so maybe this time as this will be me last baby thanks

  6. Jessica Reedy says:

    Hello! I would like to vote for Alicia Champlin to win the giveaway. Her and her husband recently found out they’re having a boy. We are all SO excited given the kiddos in the family are all female. Wahoo!! It would be awesome for them to win given they wouldn’t be able to afford a baby photoshoot normally. 🙂

  7. Nikki M. says:

    I nominate & vote for Jessica Lucero!

  8. Eve says:

    I nominate my friend Sonja Frye. I am nominating her because she is a wonderful mother of two beautiful children and works her butt off to provide for them and u know she doesn’t have the extra money for such an amazing photographer to take her special bundles picture. She’s due in May.

  9. Eddie says:

    I vote Madeline Dear because she is an amazing wife, and mother. She truly is a blessing in my life, and she puts herself second, third or even fourth after our son is born.

  10. Debbie Potts says:

    I’m nominating my daughter-in-law Madeline Dear. She is a great mom to my granddaughter Cade & I know she will be great mom to my grandson Tripp. He is due in a few weeks. I would love for them win this photo shoot because it would mean the world to them.

  11. Alisa Asquith says:

    Madeline and Edward Dear will be welcoming a special little one, Edward Wayne Dear III who will also be know as Tripp, on or about 2/20/16. Tripp will meet his sister Cade who is 18 months old and will make an excellent big sister. This sweet little family just relocated to Colorado last summer. Maddie will be returning to the workforce once Tripp arrives and it would be a real treat, not only financially but artistically, to win the free newborn session giveaway. Thank you!

  12. Wilson says:

    Madeline Dear is expecting in February 2016. She would really appreciate the chance to have photos of her first son taken by you!

  13. Lauren Hasz says:

    I am nominating Madeline Dear, due with her second baby February 2016. We met not long after their move to Denver and I’m so honored to parent along side this amazing woman! She has been searching for a photographer to capture newborn images, and so I trust that you are a very special photographer! 🙂

  14. Carrin says:

    Madeline Dear would be a wonderful choice! Thanks for sharing, Alisa.

  15. Lauren Smilovich says:

    I am voting for Maddie Dear. Can’t wait to meet Tripp!

  16. Lauren Smilovich says:

    I’m voting for Madeline Dear. Maddie is the best mom to Cade and has an absolutely amazing heart. She deserves this newborn session to have photos of Tripp to cherish forever. Cade and Tripp are lucky to have parents like Eddie and Maddie. We love the Dear’s!

  17. Tiffany Gooch says:

    I nominate Madeline Dear and her soon to be son, Tripp! This family holds a very special place in my heart and since they’ve moved to Colorado I rely on these beautiful pictures to keep up with their growing children!

  18. Alicia Richmond says:

    Our dear friends Maddie and Eddie Dear are welcoming their son Tripp this month. They are such a generous couple and would be so deserving of your giveaway! I am certain they would pay it forward!

  19. Tkale says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear! Her family will be having their son Tripp later this month. ecen though the Dear family is new to Colorado, since day one they have been so giving to others and my family has been unbelievably blessed by them! They deserve a blessing in return!

  20. Taylor Baumann says:

    I was so impressed with the photos taken! Maddie, Eddie and baby Tripp Dear should get this for the newborn shoot!

  21. Courtney says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear! She is one of the sweetest and most caring of people. It would be cliche to say she lives up to her name, but she really does. When we had our first baby, she and I had just met, yet she treated me like a close friend bringing us several meals, diapers and just being a shoulder to lean on for a first time mom. Madeline truly is a dear friend (and loving mother and wife)!

  22. Jessica lucero says:

    I would LOVE to have this session. I am due may 4th with another little girl. I’m a stay at home mom aND stay busy all day everyday! The 3 older sisters are very excited for this little girl to arrive. This will probably be the last addition to the family so having these photos would be awesome! Thanks for doing this Danielle!

  23. Victoria Wootton says:

    I am voting for Madeline Dear!!! She is more than deserving of this photo shoot!! With baby #2 almost here, she has her hands full with sweet Cade and deserves a break! These toddlers are busy busy busy and little Tripp needs some spotlight ☺️

  24. Renea culp says:

    I vote jessica Lucero. She is such an amazing lady and mom of four beautiful kids. She is well deserving to a free photoshoot

  25. Erin H says:

    i vote for Jessica Lucero!

  26. Chrys says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero!!!!

  27. Kelsey says:

    I vote for Jessica lucero! She’s such a great mama and truly deserves this with baby girl #4!!

  28. Lesli says:

    I nominate Jessica Lucero. Would love to see her newest little girl in your beautiful pics!

  29. Heather pettis says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero!!!! Another baby girl in may!!! Yay!!

  30. Kelsey says:

    Oh, and Jessica is due May 4th! Will be her le before she knows it!!

  31. Lonnie Cruz says:

    I vote for. Jessica Lucero

  32. Katie Essary says:

    Beautiful pictures! I vote for Maddie and Eddie Dear, two of my sweetest friends. They would be so appreciative and deserving of such a wonderful gift!

  33. Traci Keith says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero!

  34. Shelly eibling says:

    I vote jessica lucero

  35. Kym perez says:

    I vote jessica lucero!!!!! Yay!!!!

  36. Tammy culp says:

    Voting for jessica, pray she wins

  37. Jessica zieger says:

    Come on jessica!!! You deserve this. My vote is for jessica lucero

  38. Erin Frazee says:

    I nominate Maddie Dear. She is due this month. It would be so wonderful for her to welcome her baby boy with your beautiful pictures to cherish forever! She is such a kind, caring friend and mother of a sweet little girl; who I’m sure is so excited for her baby brother to arrive!

  39. Lara says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear. Tripp will be here this month, and she would greatly appreciate it.

  40. Molly says:

    I vote for Maddie and Eddie Dear! They are the kindest couple and deserve an awesome shoot with their new born, Tripp! I hope they win! What a cool experience that would be!

  41. Audie C says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero!! Best of luck girl!!!!

  42. Tanya Flemming says:

    Jessica Lucero has my vote. You will be the best mom over of 4 little girls. I cant wait to see your bundle of joy in May 🙂

  43. Charles archer says:

    Madeline dear for my nephew!

  44. Sarah Archer says:

    I vote Madeline and Eddie Dear! Tripp will be here this month!

  45. Gene Long says:

    Madeline Dear is my granddaughter moved to CO. last year with my son-in-law Eddie and my great granddaughter Cade. Cade will be a big sister sometime this month February 2016. Eddie and Madeline are fantastic parents. Madeline and Eddie show their love for each other and for Cade. I know they are excited a out the arrival of baby boy Tripp. They are practicing christians and enjoy sharing their faith with others.

  46. Rachael says:

    I vote for Madeline and Eddie Dear! Their precious son Tripp will be arriving any day now. I know it would be such a blessing to the morning win a newborn photo shoot for him.

  47. Chris Cooper says:

    Madeline Dear deserves this!!

  48. Sarah Rust says:

    I vote for Maddie Dear and baby Tripp!

  49. Rachel says:

    I’m voting for Madeline Dear. That sweet boy will be so handsome!!

  50. Tiesha McCorkle says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero and her baby girl

  51. Charity T says:

    Jessica Lucero has my vote

  52. Isaac says:

    voting for Jessica Lucero

  53. Lindsey says:

    Jessica Lucero, you are so deserving for this. These 4 little girls are blessed to have you as their mother.

  54. Mallor Painter says:

    AWEEE I AM SO EXCITED!!! Jessica Lucero has my vote 100%. What a blessing this out be for her family!!!!!!

  55. Jessica Herring says:

    I am voting for Jessica Lucero! Cant wait to see your bundle of joy!!!

  56. Jessica Herring says:

    I am voting for Jessica Lucero 🙂

  57. Sarah Marie says:

    Voting for Jessica Lucero. May can’t come soon enough. Congratulations to you guys!

  58. Emily Brown says:

    I vote for Jessica Lucero.

  59. Katy A. says:

    Voting for Jessica. She is the most loving and caring mother she deserves!

  60. Bailey Wolford says:

    I am here voting for Jessica Lucero

  61. Aimee Romero says:

    I am voting for Jessica Lucero. You go girl!!

  62. Christina Klumph says:

    I’m voting for Madeline Dear, due Feb. 2016! She’s a new friend to me and I know these photos would be such a sweet thing for her and her family!

  63. Abi M says:

    I vote Jessica Lucero

  64. Nicole Hamm says:

    I vote Jessica Lucero

  65. Jade K. says:

    Jessica Lucero is a great mom! I am voting for her

  66. Reck Wallis says:

    My vote goes to my beautiful daughter Madeline Dear and the new kid on the block, my grandson Tripp. Love, PaPa Reck

  67. Kelsey says:

    Maddie and Tripp Dear for the win! Can’t wait to meet this precious baby boy!

  68. Kerri says:

    I vote for Madelyn Dear.

  69. Krystal Anderson says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear & Baby Tripp!

  70. Gary J says:

    I vote for Madeline and Tripp. Thanks

  71. Ciera says:

    I’m voting for Madeline Dear.

  72. Sharon Anderson says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear and Tripp!

  73. Shelley says:

    I vote for Madeline and Tripp. He will be arriving in February.

  74. Andrew says:

    I vote for Maddie and Eddie Dear. Looking forward to meeting Tripp!

  75. Linden says:

    I vote for Madeline and Eddie Dear!

  76. Allison vandagriff says:

    Voting for Madeline dear. Her baby is due this month.

  77. Daun M Petter says:

    Maddie and Tripp Dear would be wonderful choice for this grand prize!

  78. Jackie Stoppel says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear and baby Tripp

  79. Ben says:

    Maddie is a great momma with lots of heart. She is due on February 20th but it is up to Him and Tripp, her soon to be born son. She is dedicated to her family! She would appreciate the opportunity to have you take professional pictures of her new son…something they will truly cherish!

  80. Jackie Stoppel says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear and sweet baby Tripp!!

  81. Kandace Rather says:

    Voting for Madeline and Tripp!

  82. Alisha Polinskey says:

    Voting for Madelyn and Tripp

  83. I’m voting for Madeline Dear and baby Tripp

  84. Leelonna Payne says:

    I am voting for Madeline and Tripp, who will be arriving this month!!! So excited for them and Grandma Lara!! ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Edward Dear says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear!!!

  86. Heather dilkard says:

    I vote for Madeleine and Tripp!

  87. Annette says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear

  88. Michelle Matzenbacher says:

    I vote for Madeline

  89. Nikki F says:

    I am voting for Jessica Lucero she is going to do great things with these 4 girls. These pictures would mean so much to our family!!!

  90. Allison says:

    Jessica Lucero is such an inspiration and friend to our family. This bundle of joy is already special to us all. After all you’ve been through this would be just amazing. Positive thinking. We love you

  91. Chloe Johnson says:

    Voting through Jessica lucero

  92. Delano c. says:

    I vote Jessica lucero

  93. Erica says:

    I’m voting Jessica lucero and her baby girl <3 <3

  94. Ethan says:

    Voting for you jess (Jessica lucero)

  95. Holly E says:

    I have known Jessica for many years. She is raising her girls to be ladies with respect. Your truly an amazing mom, I envy you!! Jessica lucero is who I am voting for.

  96. Jawline says:

    Auntie Jay is so excited. Jessica lucero

  97. Kadance grace says:

    Voting for Jessica lucero.

  98. Kristine says:

    Voting for my best friend Jessica Lucero

  99. Kenny smith says:

    Voting on Jessica. Can’t wait ton see these photos

  100. Michael Eibling says:

    Voting for our long time family friend, Jessica Lucero 🙂

  101. Nyssa says:

    I had no idea you were having another girl!!! Jessica lucero is an old high school friend. I hope you win you deserve it

  102. Adam culp says:

    Voting for Jessica lucero

  103. Mary Lou culp says:

    Jessica lucero

  104. I vote Madeline Dear! They are more than deserving! Moving to a completely new state is such a big step and I believe that they should celebrate with this as well as the new baby Tripp. Memories memories memories!

  105. Hannah D says:

    Jessica!! Your in my thoughusband throughout this pregnancy. I have been keeping tabs on Facebook praying it was a boy. Your made to have gods gifts of girls. May your house be blessed with joy and
    Love through this amazing time in your life.

  106. Angie says:

    I vote for Madeline and Tripp!!

  107. Dawn says:

    My vote is for Madelyn and Tripp!

  108. Kaitlyn Q. says:

    Voting for Jessica lucero

  109. Summer says:

    Voting for my amazing friend Jessica lucero

  110. Christie moore says:

    Madeline and trip have my bote

  111. Ashley says:

    What a mom you are Jessica. 4 girls in 1 house, may God be with you. Voting on jessica lucero

  112. Sheila updegreff says:

    I’m voting for Madeliene and Trip

  113. Hayleigh Maye says:

    Jessica lucero is my vote

  114. Melissa K says:

    Voting on my amazing friend Jessica Lucero <3

  115. Emma says:

    My vote is for Madeline and Tripp!

  116. Mandy says:

    Jessica Lucero, we love you and are praying for a healthy pregnancy. The other 3 girls are going to be such great big sisters. Your a great mom, keep up the hard but busy work!!!

  117. Paxten C says:

    My friend told me to vote. Jessica we’ve only met once but you deserve this

  118. Elizabeth Wilson says:

    voting on Jessica Lucero

  119. Melissa Jill says:

    Voting for the powerful mother of 3 girls with 1 on the way. Jessica Lucero your going to be one busy mama

  120. Jayden says:

    Vote a long time friend Jessica Lucero

  121. Kristen says:

    Madeline Dear and her sweet baby Tripp would be the perfect winners!!!! This mama of 2 littles is the sweetest and would be so happy to have this photo shoot!!

  122. Katie says:

    Voting for Jessica Lucero!!! May God be with you!!

  123. Margarette says:

    Jessica Lucero is a super mom!! You go girl

  124. Leah Hazley says:

    We love the DEARS!!!! Maddie and Eddie are great parents to their sweet little girl and we can’t wait to meet Tripp!

  125. Danny Gallegher says:

    My friend told me to vote. I hope you win Jessica Lucero

  126. Marisa says:

    Vote Jessica lucero

  127. Tanisha says:

    Jessica lucero you go girl

  128. Felicia says:

    Voting for my good friend Jessica Lucero

  129. Lynn Culp says:

    Come on Jessica, keep getting vote!! I pray you win!!!

  130. Katie says:

    voting for Jessica Lucero. 🙂

  131. Jamie says:

    Voting for Maddie Dear and baby Tripp!

  132. Colby Hodo says:

    im hoping you win my friend. voting for Jessica lucero. I cant believe your on baby #4, rocking these girls for sure!

  133. Toney Asquith says:

    This vote is for Madeline Deer and her son Tripp because of the amazing parenting skills and values that she holds.

  134. Reyna L says:

    Voting for Jessica Lucero

  135. katelyn says:

    Voting Jessica Lucero

  136. Jacob B says:

    Voting Jessica Lucero XOXO

  137. Bo says:

    Maddie Dear and Tripp should win hands down.

  138. April says:

    I vote Maddie Dear! She is a wonderful mother and wife and so deserving of this treat.

  139. Haley Hovis says:

    I vote for Madeline Dear, who is due to have baby Tripp any day now! This is one of the sweetest and most deserving women you’ll find. She is a constant source of encouragement, and radiates joy every time I see her. I know she would be so grateful for the opportunity to have some amazing moments captured in these first days/weeks of her sons life. So special!!

  140. Alison Johnson says:


  141. Katie Burney says:

    Voting for Maddie Dear and little one Tripp!!

  142. Jackie says:

    Madeline and Tripp 🙂

  143. Chris says:

    I vote Madeline Dear bc the Dears threw one heck of a wedding reception and the best family I know in Colorado.

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