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3 Reasons I LOVE long veils | CO Wedding Photographer

January 29, 2020

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3 Reasons I LOVE long veils

One of the things I love about my blog is it is a place brides can come to for tips and advice from a professional. It’s no secret that I love cathedral veils (or at least floor length) and I’m going to share with you why!

  1. The veil swoop and veil dip portrait: These images are a favorite of mine for SO many reasons!! We’re all laughing, my bride and groom look extra in love, and it makes for such a joyful and romantic image. The veil swoops around my couples, and creates the most dreamy images. If you’re a bride that wants your own veil swoop portraits, heres a couple of tips!

-You need a long enough veil!! Short veils are beautiful, but they won’t have enough length to swoop it in front of you and create these types of images.                          Shorter veils are more limiting when it comes to portraits, so for the veil swoop, LONG is the way to go!! At a minimum, it should be                                                          touching the floor when it’s in place.

– Veils that are all one length are ideal! We’ve seen some gorgeous tiered or “layered” veils, but they are more challenging for this specific shot.

– Jewels and other items are beautiful on veils, but if you’re hoping for these kind of images, they will weigh the veil down and it won’t float.

2. Timeless: I always say my approach to photographing weddings is romantic, joyful, and timeless, and I absolutely stand by it!! Some things in weddings are “trendy,” but long veils stand the test of time. They give you a timeless, yet romantic look to your wedding day, which of course makes your images look the same way.


3. Epic: Last, but not least, the images you get with long veils are 100% epic! I mean, did you see the images in this post? You can also guarantee I’ll be a third wheel under your veil with you and your new hubby!

Happy Wedding Planning! Cheers 🥂


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