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7 Tips for Gorgeous Engagement Photos | Wedding Tip Wednesday

June 26, 2019

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So, you’re engaged and you’ve been looking on Pinterest and Instagram at all these gorgeous engagement photos wondering: “how can I look as natural as they are?” “how can I get cute photos like that?” Expert tip: The photographer you choose has EVERYTHING to do with it, 😊 but I’m going to share 7 more tips for getting beautiful engagement photos!

`1. Coordinate your Wardrobe! 

By this I don’t mean to match your outfits exactly. Try to pick outfits and accessories that coordinate instead. But, if you decide to wear something more formal such as a gown, your fiancé should wear a suit (it would look really weird if he wore a t-shirt and shorts!) Coordinating your outfits will make your photos look put together and cohesive. Most couples choose to bring one fancier outfit and one more casual outfit.  For the more fancier outfit choice, I always think a pretty flowy dress photographs so beautiful and feminine. If you need ideas on where to shop, I can direct you to a couple of favorite places!

2. Prep your soon to be hubby!

Most guys aren’t super jazzed about doing the engagement photos. Not because they don’t want to take photos with you, but because they aren’t sure how to pose, think it’ll be awkward and mushy, and they don’t quite understand how important it is for you to get them done. But, their mindset completely changes once you sit down with your fiancé and let him know why taking engagement photos is important to you and what he can expect. As photographers, it’s our job to make our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera so their love can really show!  Spend some time scrolling through some blog posts, this will allow him to gauge what his expectations should be.

denver engagement photos

3. Pamper yourself!

I highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done professionally for two reasons.

1. Who doesn’t love to look their best? When you feel amazing, you look amazing, and that’ll show in your photos!

And 2. it’s a great opportunity to have your hair and makeup trial with your hair and makeup artist to see if they’d be a good fit for your wedding. So, schedule your appointment and treat yourself! We have a list of vendors we trust and know will take good care of our couples, so don’t forget to ask us about that if you’re not sure who to go with!

4. Trust your photographer! 

Having trust in your photographer is key. You chose them based off the work you saw on their Instagram or portfolio, and they have an eye for taking beautiful photos. They may ask you to go in a specific location, or pose a certain way, or shoot from a particular angle. They’re doing all of that because they are using their best judgement to capture you and your fiancé in the best possible way. So, trust their instincts and skills.

5. Location. Location. Location. 

I love it when couples choose a location that is special to them in some way. If you can’t think of any specific locations, I can help you decide, and have a list of some of my favorites! If the lighting is great, I can make ANY location look awesome!

6. Choosing the right time for your engagement session!

SO much goes into having beautiful images, and not every time of day is the most flattering! When you schedule your session with me, depending on the time of year, I will give you a couple of options for the best times so that you get the most stunning photos!

7. Last but not least…HAVE FUN! 

his is a time you and your fiancé get to love on each other and simply just be with one another. Plus, when you have fun, it shows in the photos and will make them that much better.

I hope these tips can help prepare you for your engagement photos. I absolutely love engagement sessions because we get to know my couples better and create a strong relationship so that when it comes time for their wedding day, they feel comfortable with us. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me – I’d be happy to help!

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