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Six years ago, I had no idea that being a full time photographer was even a possibility...but knew that I had a big dream and passion and hustled harder than ever to make it happen!
In the last six years, I have been through so many seasons of business: seasons of doubt and insecurity, seasons of never feeling good enough, seasons of not knowing how in the world I was going to make this work and seasons where I was ready to give up. Wherever you are right now, however you are feeling, I've been there. I see you. And I am cheering you on every step of the way.
Through hard work and hustle and a whole lot of learning, I've been able to build a successful photography business doing what I love everyday. And, even better, I have my LIFE back! I've implemented workflows and resources that allow me to be in control of my business instead of my business controlling me.
My goal as an educator is to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to feel confident behind your camera in any situation and run a successful business. 

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mentoring sessions

i offer three types of mentoring sessions

intro to photography




wedding or family workshop

one-on-one mentoring

take me there

show me

teach me

intro to photography



This workshop is for beginner photographers. 

INCLUDED: 4 Hour Workshop
1 hour of instruction
1 hour of shooting 
1 hour of editing 
1 hour of Q&A and headshots

I will walk you through your camera settings and how to shoot tin manual mode, the different types of lighting situations, and how I use and manipulate the light and my camera settings to create my photography style. We will practice shooting on a couple, and then edit the images afterwards. We will end the workshop with professional headshots and any questions you may have! 

This workshop is held twice a year. Please contact Danielle to get put on the waitlist. A 50% nonrefundable retainer are required to reserve your spot.

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the wedding or family workshop



contact me for more info

This is for photographers who want to learn how I tackle a wedding day or family session and take updated images for their portfolio.

INCLUDED: 5 Hour Workshop
2 hours of instruction
2-3 hours of shooting

 I will be hosting a styled shoot with a bride & groom or family. I will talk you through how I prep the couple/family before their wedding or family session, what I do and say to pose them, and how to make them  feel relaxed!

 I will make sure you leave the shoot with images you are proud of and address any questions or difficulties you may be having!

intro to photography



This is for photographers who want a customized mentor session.

INCLUDED: 3 hour one-on-one mentor session customized to fit your needs. 

I will send you a questionnaire to complete that will have you list out what you would like to learn so I can prepare for your session. You will also leave with professional head-shots to use for your website and social media!


contact me for more info

it's about YOU and what you want to learn

i learn from seeing, and that's my approach to teaching you as well

i'm super detail
oriented in my business-including helping you get to the next level

in person mentoring will receive pretty new headshots and a model to practice

i'm a complete open book and will share anything about my business

danika & Allen


I'm her biggest fan! Danielle Bond Photography is perfectly unique. From my children't photos to family photos to our recent wedding photos, she continues to impress. I always stop what I am doing to take a look at the newest photos Danielle has captured. There's just something about the expressions and feeling she is able to work into a photograph. Danielle is trendy when it comes to colors and ideas, but traditional when it comes to knowing what makes a great picture. I am so glad Danielle has chased this dream and has become an amazing photographer. She is right where she is supposed to be! 

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erin & Jon


 I can't say enough about Danielle Bond Photography! If you are looking for a photographer stop looking, because you've found her! Danielle is a master at her craft! We have been going to Danielle for 3 years now, since our oldest daughter was a newborn. Every time we book a session with Danielle we are left speechless with her stunning work. We have memories that Danielle was able to capture forever for us. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! Danielle Bond Photography is the best of the best in the Denver area! 

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Brittany & Kaleb


Danielle is truly an incredible, loving, and thoughtful photographer. My husband is in a wheelchair and some photographers struggle with finding ways to make our family photos look like others, Danielle does not. She does not steer away because of the chair but instead gets creative! She blocks out plenty of time to work with babies and our daughter Ellie loves her. For our daughters six month photos I told her I just wanted feminine and romantic pictures, and she brought the most perfect props. She is a natural and having her photos in our home is an honor.

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Ashley & Aaron


We are so fortunate to have worked with Danielle for our wedding! She did such an amazing job, all of our photos are absolutely beautiful. She captured the night perfectly. She also was so easy to work with. She had a very relaxed vibe all night long which made things so much more fun. I highly recommend Danielle for all of your photo needs!.

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